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5 Best Free Driver Updaters For Windows

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5 Best Free Driver Updaters For Windows

It is used to update and manage the device drivers on a Windows computer. Driver Easy provides an easy to use software that helps you in updating driver software on your Windows computer. Eliminate the hassle of trying to find a driver for the problems you are facing on your computer, let Driver Easy do that for you. Driver Easy was founded by Kevin Zheng, who believes that software designers and developers should look to make simple software to make the user’s experience easier. Upon realizing that Microsoft has not provided an easy way for Windows users to identify a driver that’s causing problems in order to replace it, Kevin sought to deliver this. Download Driver Easy Pro and eliminate driver problems from your computer at a low cost with a Driver Easy coupon.

  • Then, pay attention to the related audio settings and make certain they are turned on or set to the correct state.
  • Don’t do more experiments if the problem is related to hardware.
  • These solutions should now fix your microphone so that it works Steam voice chat.
  • After the install directory opens up tap on the app and click Properties.

These two icons will give you the option of swapping from a video call to enabling screen share. A lot of people don’t know about the Screen share feature.

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Like we said, Discord screen share no audio issue can be created due to several reasons. The resolution would be dependent on the actual cause, and since we have no option to understand the real cause, it would be a good idea to check out the resolutions one by one.

Easy Driver Hook

To check what graphics card you’re using, go to the Start menu, type “DXDIAG,” and click on the first result. Once the DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens, go to the Display tab and check your graphics card model. Use the information to download the card’s latest driver. Once your system boots, Windows will automatically load the generic audio driver.

Not many people know that Discord also offers a variety of options such as free video calling and screen sharing. One of the best features that it has showcased is the Screen share feature. Using this feature, you can have the video call with as many as nine people where each one of them shares screen at the same time. That means you don’t have to bother about any third-party application. Yes, you can stream Netflix on discord very easily by just screencasting your browser on to discord. The problem however is with the black screen issue that occurs when you try to stream Netflix on discord.

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