health is wealth
Omer: my love for you is certainly not enough?

Health Is The Fingerstache Shoreditch kickstarter Kitsch. La croix hella iceland flexitarian letterpress.

Omer: my love for you is certainly not enough?
Omer: my love for you is certainly not enough?

Sude: your in deep love with

Omer dries Defne tresses with a hairdrier. SCENE OMER DEFNE Defne: is we with each other now? Omer: since it looks certainly . Let us wed soon. Defne: lets get married Omer: in a few days? to Milan Defne: Milan? Omer: we're going to rent a home for a few weeks and a car or truck to go sightseeing. We wil head to most countries and we'll choose canoe. Defne: milan, kayak i am not special to kayak. Omer: i'll coach you on Defne: don't let yourself be therefore yes you may not discover even more pointless people at all like me. Omer: I have maybe not observed most stunning people than your . you should not stress I shall deal with it. Defne: i cannot believe it . it is not a dream we're generating methods. Omer: yes our company is producing. Defne: yes but my personal grandfather would like to read myself making use of wedding dress. Omer: whenever we can come right back we shall posses a ceremony right here too, Defne: yes you prefer the ceremonies. Defne: enough permanently.

OMER: yes we have thought to discover newer skills and establish great relationships together

Sude: im bored stiff all time at your home. I have to appear right here to see most of us. Sinan: Everybodyis delighted ..Anyone would want to discover such a lovely female each and every day. Sinan: what is your programs? Are you presently benefit to come back? Sude: we have sth in my head but at present I would like to unwind a bit more. Sinan: of course you may determine. Sude: are you presently alright? Sinan: precisely why? Sude: needed sb to speak . that lady. Sinan: girl? Sinan: I would recommend close this topic. Sude: no we are going to talking I am able to see your soreness. Sinan : yes i dropped crazy but merely myself Sude: was it over? SINAN: when I have said it's maybe not begun. Sude: inside your was just about it over? Sinan: SIGA SIGA end up being FINISHED WILL CLOSE THE CONDITION TO PLEASE? Sude: OK I do not require to be concerned AS REQUIREMENT Sinan: with the energy it will likely be done. Helps nearby the niche please. Sude: okay .i don't want to harmed.

Sude says to Jiasemin that she eventually will manage to discover a way to drive Defne aout from the comany as she does not want to be near Sinan. Jiaseim . informs the lady so it could well be better not to tell this lady nothing.

Sinan demonstrates the models to Omer. Omer is happy with the design but particularly from Defne's design. Omer phone calls the firm to help make a proposal to be able to purchase it but the company informs him that Denize has already bought it.

SCENE DEFNE aˆ“Sinan- OMEP (at Omer's workplace) Sinan: Omer, would you remember the style college that You will find told you about it? Sinan: exactly. Inside college are Defne but we must discover new talents to sdc make them much better proposals that Traba.. Defne.. come are you currently? Defne: good Mr Sinan , your? Sinan: exactly how is? OMER: it is also close Sinan: you shouldn't be envious. You'll be able to create this type of a wonderful build too. OMER: Sinan the person who did it is great. He has to operate for passionist. We must hire your. Sinan: i shall phone straight away . Defne , have you any idea your? Defne: no , no how can I discover him .. i actually do not discover your. OMER: Defne, which of those design are your own website? Defne: now I cannot remember.

Sinan phone calls the headmaster associated with college and informs your your concept making use of the wide variety 17 impressed your. Omer would like to find out more about the scholar which drew they ( Defne) but he tells you that he cannot unveil their personal statistics as his concept has already sold to Traba.)

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