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Sailing Distances Calculator like to examine several other common sailing locations?

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Sailing Distances Calculator like to examine several other common sailing locations?
Sailing Distances Calculator like to examine several other common sailing locations?

Thinking your after that cruising vacation, getting a milebuilding journey? There is whipped up this little on-line sailing range calculator utilizing google maps so that your calculate rough distances in nautical miles amongst the various Greek isles. It is simple to promote the chart along with your crew to ensure people can easily see the course you intend to take. The simple directions are simply just middle the map in which you should travel and start clicking, step-by-step information underneath the chart!

To place the map on biggest cruising regions of Greece just identify here: Cyclades, Saronic Gulf, Ionian Islands, Dodecanese, Sporades

Wish check other preferred sailing markets? Here are a couple of rapid hyperlinks to try: Canary Islands, The Bahamas, Brit Virgin isles.

Detailed information for our sailing calculator:

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  • hub the map on your ideal sailing area by clicking (carrying) and dragging
  • an individual will be seeing your own preferred countries, beginning clicking all of them for the order you want to travel
  • the map will automatically update to demonstrate the estimated nautical kilometers from the entire travels
  • to eliminate the last aim, simply click the key below the map Clear last
  • to pay off the complete map and start once more, simply click Clear map
  • if needed, mouse click Zoom to fit to demonstrate the complete sailing route
  • It Is Possible To submit your chart to family via mail or social media by pressing Send To A Pal

Now you understand the distances in nautical miles, just how long is it probably take to cruise indeed there? Here try a rough self-help guide to imply rates in nautical miles-per-hour many different motorboat lengths. These rates were believed for gusts of wind of 4 to 5 beaufort and trend heights all the way to 1.5 meters and assume an appropriate touring rate on a fully crammed motorboat. Rates tends to be greater, depending on the sailing expertise ??

Uncertain which place to go? For many recommended cruising ways from your Athens base for both one and two week sailing charters look at our greek island rent roads for only a little determination, we anticipate inviting one Greece shortly!

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About all of our vessels

We care for all of our vessels like they have been our own because they're!

We own all ships we charter, to help you rely on inexpensive get prices.

All our boats come in great condition, while using the needed equipment and accessories if needed.

We have been pleased to supply individual referrals from customers in almost every country worldwide!

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