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Kimi Finster. Kimi Watanabe-Finster are a primary figure inside the animated tvs show Rugrats and its own spin-off All grown-up!.

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Kimi Finster. Kimi Watanabe-Finster are a primary figure inside the animated tvs show Rugrats and its own spin-off All grown-up!.
Kimi Finster. Kimi Watanabe-Finster are a primary figure inside the animated tvs show Rugrats and its own spin-off All grown-up!.

She initially starred in Rugrats in Paris: the film in 2000. She actually is the step-sister of Chuckie Finster; born in a Japanese family, she got the past character to-be launched on the Rugrats character listing.

The woman mommy, Kira, married Chas Finster (the father of Chuckie). Kimi turned a regular dynamics regarding tv series after Rugrats in Paris: the film. She later on appeared in the spin-off series All Grown Up!, and also in the next and 3rd Rugrats flicks. The woman is voiced by Dionne Quan.

Kimi in Season 1 of all of the grown-up!.



Kimi Finster fulfilled the Rugrats once they happened to be on a break in Paris at Euro-Reptarland, in which this lady mommy Kira accustomed run. Now coping with their big brother Chuckie in the usa, Kimi is definitely prepared need their imagination to lead the Rugrats on a fun-filled adventure. Armed with this lady favorite toy "Super-Thing" and a huge laugh, Kimi could be the earliest one willing to boldly go where no kids have actually missing before. This sometimes puts stress on Chuckie, who feels he has to watch out for their little cousin, that may be method of difficult whenever she's frightened of little in which he's frightened of all things! - Rugrats outline from Klasky Csupo

Kimi Finster has exploded into a very cool, free considering and separate pre-teen. She enjoys strange music, dressing funky, plus discovers a prospective crush in the form of the lady green-haired classmate Z! However, Kimi was a devoted sister to Chuckie, offering the girl sibling support in matters for the cardiovascular system and advice on how they can build his self-esteem. But Chuckie is somewhat over-protective of his brother occasionally, a fact that Kimi values but often finds annoying. - All Grown-up! Information from Klasky Csupo


Kimi was actually the very last inclusion into the cast of Rugrats, making their first looks from inside the 2nd Rugrats motion picture, Rugrats in Paris: the film. This woman is most happy and daring. She had been launched as Chuckie's newer sister, after her mother, Kira Finster, partnered Chuckie's daddy Charles, also called Chas. This wedding additionally the adjustment it taken to the Finster family were used in the show to instruct the young audiences, by demonstration, about adjusting to such extreme adjustment due to remarriage.

In Rugrats, the one-and-a-half year-old Kimi had been represented as most fearless and often came into dangerous circumstances she got too naive to identify, often delivering her latest brother, Chuckie Finster, along, that he failed to including a whole lot. He outlined the woman as "another Tommy" not too long upon this lady appearance. She actually is in the same way daring as Tommy and cares on her friends. Unlike Tommy, she frequently requires activity first and feels afterwards. She laughs into the vision of hazards and is also always selecting an adventure. In every Grown Up!, she grows a crush on Tommy.


Kimi features purplish-black locks tangled up in three pigtails along with her head and wears a yellow as a whole gown with a blue pet on it, a green t-shirt, purple cowgirl boots, frilly red ankle-high clothes and wears a diaper underneath.

Whenever she debuted in Rugrats in Paris, She wore a yellowish short-sleeved gown together with her pet upon it, but held the lady nappy and shoes.

In Rugrats Go crazy, she used an eco-friendly total gown with an orange fish upon it, a yellowish t-shirt, along with her diaper and shoes.

In every developed Up!, she largely helps to keep this lady tresses half free as well as in a bun subsequently in 2 pigtails and wears trendy, punk, allure stone and skater female clothes.

In "All Growed Up", she wore a red tank-top over a yellowish t-shirt, a green dress, red clothes, and purple footwear.

In the first 3 attacks of All Grown Up!, she helps to keep the woman green top, but the girl undershirt are white, the lady top provides lightweight green and purple stripes, she have white socks and brown shoes. Throughout month 1, she wore a dark green jacket with fur about neckband and cuffs, a blue very top beneath, a red tie, eco-friendly and purple necklaces, an orange top, environmentally friendly and purple striped leggings, and her purple footwear.


Kira Finster - Kira try Kimi's mama.

Hiro Watanabe - Hiro Watanabe are Kimi's biological parent. Kimi knows about his whereabouts in Japan and Hiro comes to head to this lady in "investments Places".

Wanda Yoshida-Watanabe - Wanda is Kimi's step-mother who's hitched to Hiro. Wanda and Kimi did not meet up until the occurrence "Trading and investing Places".

Chas Finster - Chas is actually Kira's second husband, producing your Kimi's step-father. However, he sooner followed Kimi as his daughter, which makes him Kimi's dad and not her step-father.

Chuckie Finster - Chuckie had been Kimi's step-brother until he had been adopted by Kira, creating him and her merely siblings. Kimi adore Chuckie a whole lot hence he is the girl brand new government. Chuckie attempts to protect the girl, as he can, from getting injured or perhaps in hazard. In All grown-up! Chuckie continues to be notably protective of Kimi while he attempts to secure the lady from Z inside episode called "negative Kimi". Chuckie also got upset as soon as the gang discovered Tommy and Kimi's initials carved within the wall surface in "TP+KF" while he informs Tommy that it wasn't cool to Mack on his best friend's sister. The initials created to the wall caused Tommy and Chuckie not to best break-off their particular friendship but also for Chuckie to be dubious of Kimi.

Kiki Watanabe - Kiki is Kimi's half-sister exactly who she don't fulfill before All Grown Up! event "investments areas".

Tommy Pickles - Tommy and Kimi fulfilled in Rugrats in Paris: the film when Kira lead their alongside. Kimi and Tommy both need adventurous characters and they are always prepared for an adventure. In littlepeoplemeet All Grown Up! occurrence "TP+KF", Kimi talked about that she had a crush on Tommy when they all located Tommy and Kimi's initials carved from inside the wall. Tommy and Kimi said that they weren't into each other but at the conclusion really hinted which they both have a crush on every other.


Kimi features starred in lots of episodes of this original Rugrats series since period 7, and its spin-off series, All developed!. The lady basic look was a student in the 2nd Rugrats movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.


You will find the Rugrats gallery of Kimi Finster here.

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