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Leading Gaelic drama deals with risks of using the internet teen connections in sexting storyline

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Leading Gaelic drama deals with risks of using the internet teen connections in sexting storyline
Leading Gaelic drama deals with risks of using the internet teen connections in sexting storyline

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But she then finds that Calum, the man she's started revealing explicit selfies with via an online software, isn't just who she believes he could be.

The makers of Bannan state they want to depict the aˆ?darknessaˆ? and that's often lurking in remote communities, but is rarely depicted on movies or television.

Additionally they expect the latest collection, that will get underway on 21 September, will emphasize the potential dangers and potential risks for young adults that are developing up in remote communities in Highlands and Islands, however they are absorbed in a whole lot of social networking an internet-based dating applications.

Chris immature, who developed a manufacturing company inside the Sleat part of Skye getting Bannan up and running in 2013, stated there is a wish for the show to present an alternative choice to the aˆ?cosy and nostalgicaˆ? depictions associated with Highlands and countries.

He stated: aˆ?We wanted to demonstrate that latest issues including web gender are just as relevant and dramatic here as they are in virtually any metropolitan setting. We are checking out new area and advising brand-new tales.

The BBC's leading Gaelic drama should switch the limelight regarding the problems for teenagers in online dating with a storyline centering on a schoolgirl drawn into sending direct photographs of herself to some one she's never ever satisfied

aˆ?The net was a significant section of lifetime inside Highland and Islands, and has altered many individuals's alive when it comes to much better, however there is a downside as it can furthermore deliver risk.aˆ?

Director Mairead Hamilton, which in addition writes for Bannan, said: aˆ?Over recent years we have been attempting to press the limitations with each show. We are acquiring braver with every show and it's absolutely become acquiring darker in tone.

aˆ?This specific storyline displayed issues whilst involved sexting so when Meredith was actually 14 at the time it was recorded and she ended up being certainly under-age.

aˆ?we'd to ensure absolutely nothing untoward is shown, and we had to ensure that she had been secured at every point, ensuring that she felt really comfortable and safe.aˆ?

aˆ?On Bannan, we become countless rehearsal time. I was capable query the lady about situations in school together with her own peers and whether she could connect real life scenarios on storyline.

aˆ?Your teenage years are an extremely tumultuous energy. You're discovering a whole lot about your self and hoping to get knowing your self and read who you are, however your peers has a big influence on your besides.

Brook, who's starred in Bannan the past four ages, mentioned: aˆ?whenever scripts happened to be delivered to me i recently think it is truly intriguing and exciting that they got come up with a real-life latest problems that folks could relate to. They felt like a storyline i really could really plunge into.

aˆ?A large thing for my generation is you're now in a position to have actually an union that way very conveniently without fulfilling your partner. That is the more frightening thing. To numerous my personal folks in my personal age bracket and generation this is certainly particular normal now. Calum will be the only 1 that Ceitidh feels she can speak to. She seems that she will really start to your.aˆ?

Bannan creator Laura MacLennan mentioned: aˆ?Ceitidh's storyline is very latest and actual. The world-wide-web and social media possess advanced plenty within the last 15 years, but there are still a lot of threats, no matter what savvy someone envision they might be. Men and women are getting ultimately more advanced within their means of deceiving folks into considering these are typically something they aren't.

aˆ?i am hoping teenagers living in area forums will really engage with the storyline. It is not the most common view of life that people seeing mirrored on screen, which is commonly most stereotypical and a little twee. There's a lot of darkness that lurks on these communities, but it is not portrayed very often.aˆ?

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